Project: Training

Project: Staff and Contractor Environmental Awareness Training

Client: Tullow Oil PLC

Developing of extensive training materials in order to improve the environmental awareness of Tullow's staff and contractors. The course was supported by Senior Management which meant adequate time was allocated not only for development of materials, but also for the staff, as the full day course took staff away from their day jobs.

Training was delivered for 20 days. The participants included national and international staff and included support staff, contractors and senior management. The course comprised 8 modules, which all included interactive activities for participants, in order to reinforce the learning objectives of the course. Modules included:

  • Identifying Environmental Impacts - specific to each role
  • Managing and Controlling Impacts - operational controls
  • Environmental Management Systems - ISO14001 and its implications for Tullow
  • Roles and Responsibilities of staff for managing environmental impacts

Photo: Example of Operational Controls presented during Training