New for 2019

Environmental Safeguards Training

The finishing touches are being added to an Environmental Risk Management training course for ADB. The course is designed for National and Local Government officers and aims to equip them with the skills they need for managing impacts from infrastructure projects funded by ADB.

Delivery later in 2019.

Current projects

UK projects and clients

International projects and clients

Environmental Risk Management, Cambodia

Infrastructure projects including wastewater treatment systems, landfill sites and urban drainage can have impacts on the environment.

The projects are funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and require the early identification of environmental risks during construction and operation of the facilities. The next phases for 2019 will be training and environmental monitoring.

Environmental audit and support, UK property client

Environmental support for a property company wishing to improve its environmental performance within its property portfolio.

The project is based on an audit of current practices and comparison against best practice. The output includes a company environmental policy and recommendations for improvements for long term sustainability.