Examples of our UK and international projects from 2018

Environmental Risk Management, Cambodia

Working on a number of infrastructure projects within Cambodia which includes the upgrade of wastewater treatment systems, landfill sites and urban drainage.

The projects are funded by loans from the Asian Development Bank and require the early identification of environmental risks during construction and operation of the facilities. The next phases will be training of Government staff to implement and monitor the environmental risk mitigation measures.

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Quality Management System (ISO 9001), London UK

Working with a Construction and Demolition waste management company keen to work towards ISO standards for its Environmental Management System (EMS) and Quality Management System (QMS).

The project focused on developing an EMS and QMS which fits with the company's existing business practices, whilst meeting the international standard's requirements.

Environmental Impact Management and Training, Vietnam

Provision of environmental expertise in this varied two year+ project including construction of water supply plants, wastewater treatment plants, urban roads, a landfill and recycling facilities. .The role includes:

  • Training government staff and contractors in environmental monitoring during construction
  • Development of practical Environmental Management Plans to manage likely environmental and health and safety impacts.

Waste-to-Fertiliser Technology Transfer Evaluation, UK and USA

A technical evaluation of a waste to fertiliser facility, in terms of the likelihood of its successful transfer from a developed country to a developing economy country.

The work is part of the Climate Private Public Partnership (CP3). This is a UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiative which invests in companies that support low carbon and/ or climate resilient technologies.

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Previous projects include:

WaterLIFE Project Final Evaluation for WWF

WaterLIFE ended in 2017; it was funded under the EU LIFE programme, EU's funding instrument for the environment and climate action. It aimed to improve implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.

GreenBlue Consulting was responsible for delivering quality outputs to the client on behalf of the evaluation team. The project role included development and implementation of an evaluation methodology for 'Key Focus Areas' of the project including: Water Abstraction, Catchment based management and water stewardship.

The project outputs included:

  • Analysis following stakeholder interviews and a wider evaluation survey;
  • Assessment of project sustainability and key impacts on the river basin catchments over the short, medium and long term
  • Evaluation of impacts on the wider policy environment.

Environmental Management System (EMS) Support for Tullow Ghana

On-going and varied support for continual improvement to Tullow Ghana's environmental management system (EMS), in order to continue to meet ISO 14001 requirements and Tullow's own stringent standards. Tasks include:

  • A Sustainable Procurement Strategy to support environmental decision making
  • A high level Pollution Prevention Strategy for on shore and off-shore activities
  • Updated Environmental Aspects & Impacts (risks) Register
  • Review of all environmental permit requirements in order to strengthen legal compliance auditing
  • E-waste Management Plan for electronic waste

Environmental Management System (EMS) for Southwark Metals Ltd.

Development of a robust and practical EMS to meet Southwark Metal's requirements as a well established scrap metal dealer. Included development of documentation in collaboration with the management team, EMS implementation training and working with management to ensure the EMS is sustainable and meets their client's requirements.

Environmental Assessment of Road Improvement, Myanmar for SMEC/ADB

Environmental impact assessment of road improvements to a major highway in Myanmar, which will be funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project included training the Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Environment officers on the process of environmental and social safeguards and managing environmental risks.

Energy & Sustainable Development Training for Capita PLC

Development and delivery of an intensive 5 day training course which included identifying drivers for changes to global and national energy markets including energy security and resilience, barriers to energy access, particularly in non-OECD countries, renewable energy sources, and key instruments affecting energy suppliers' environmental management including national and international legislation, IFC requirements, Equator Principles and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Also included sourcing guest speakers with specific energy related specialisms to contribute to the course delivery relevant to the participants.

Carbon Footprint & Organisational Strategy for Tools for Self Reliance

Data collection and analysis regarding the impact of the international NGO Tools for Self Reliance’s activities on carbon generation, and a report providing practical steps to achieve a realistic reduction.

Using development expertise, working with the deputy CEO to draft a 2011-2015 Organisational Strategy including Vision, Mission and Goals that reflect the organisation's direction.

Environmental Training for RIPA International

Development and delivery of a range of training courses for participants on major donor development projects. Training included:

- Community Participation in Improving Public Sector Services

- Monitoring & Evaluation

- Environmental Impact Assessment in Development Projects

- Social Impact Assessment in Development Projects

Urban Transport Development Project for Asian Development Bank

Development of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for the second of three phases in a major urban transport infrastructure project which will implement a Bus Rapid Transit system in Ulaanbaatar city. The activities assessed for their environmental and social impacts included road widening, intersection improvements in the city centre and the development of BRT depots in the city outskirts.

Environmental Risk Assessment for UNICEF Cambodia

Review of potential risks and impacts resulting from new Country Programme for UNICEF Cambodia. The purpose was to reduce risk to UNICEF through improved environmental and social safeguarding. Included development of screening criteria and checklist, development of an Environmental Management Plan for managing environmental and social issues and outline of training materials for staff.

Waste Strategy Review for Frith Resource Management

Review of Waste Management Options Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which informed an update of a UK Local Authority’s Waste Strategy.

Waste Contract Procurement for Oxfordshire County Council

Development of procurement and contract documentation using Open and Closed OJEU processes. the project included preparing contract specifications and schedules, enabling the Council to procure the following contracts:

- Management and operation of household waste recycling centres

- Closed landfill monitoring and aftercare

- Household waste disposal (interim contract)

Wood Waste Management Options Report for Ecowaste Industries

In collaboration with Promise Consulting, the project involved a review of the current and potential future market use of wood waste within the Vancouver and Lower Mainland market with a particular emphasis on wood waste sourced from construction and demolition activities. Potential waste arisings were modelled and potential recycling or thermal treatment in the British Columbia area was identified.

Environmental Impact Assessment in Western Regional Roads Corridor, Mongolia for ADB

As part of the Western Regional Roads Corridor Investment Program the project required the assessment of Environmental and Social Impacts on several sections of the 743 km road development.

Includes developing comprehensive Environmental Management Plan with mitigation measures for key construction activities such installation of bridges, culverts and road construction. Key issues include waste management from contractor camps, access issues for nomads and wildlife and maintenance of permafrost and habitats.

Environmental Management Training for Tullow Oil PLC

Increasing the environmental awareness of staff, through company-wide training events. The project involved development of a comprehensive 8 module interactive course including group activities and engagement. Resulted in training 355 staff and contractors on environmental management including Board members.

The course included group activities to reinforce the objectives of the day and summary information with key take home messages was provided.

Environmental Management System (EMS) support for Tullow Oil PLC

Working with the National EHS team to identify Environmental Aspects and Impacts for Tullow Ghana, as part of developing an Environmental Management System; Supporting and developing the environmental skills of relevant national staff in order to understand and collate information for an Aspects/Impacts Register, a key document required for ISO 14001 certification.

Research on Waste Management in Greater London for Hanjer

Research for a review and analysis of waste markets in Greater London including waste producers, contractors, treatment and disposal facilities. Assessment of prospects for Hanjer to introduce their waste treatment technology to UK, set-up networking opportunities for Hanjer Directors with potential waste suppliers.

Post-earthquake waste management in Haiti for Disaster Waste Recovery

Development of a replicable model of waste management in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, setting environmental standards for minimum requirements in post-disaster situations. Development of a strategy for urban environmental improvements focusing on community development, waste management, public awareness and integration with drainage maintenance to improve environmental sustainability of drainage channel clearance.

Waste Specialists for Urban Development Project for SWECO

As part of the Cities Development Initiative Asia (CDIA) the project required a review of waste management infrastructure including waste collection, transport, treatment, disposal and contracts.

A skills assessment was undertaken within to understand needs and necessary training programs required. A Joint Waste Management Strategy was defined and outline design and costs for sanitary landfill including leachate treatment were presented.

An assessment of the social impacts of the waste management recommendations was made and an assessment was made of the project activities, regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation.