Project: Research&Guidance Writing

Project: Wood Waste

Client: Promise Consulting for Metro Vancouver

Partnering with the Canadian organisation Promise Consulting Inc. the project aimed to identify the current and predicted capacity in Metro Vancouver and British Colombia for treating wood waste. The research report included the following key elements:

  • Assessment of current wood waste management system and infrastructure
  • Review of models forecasting wood wastes generation
  • Assessment of end use markets for wood waste in UK, USA and Sweden
  • Research on market developments for wood waste including social enterprises, treated wood waste markets, emerging markets and markets for virgin wood waste

The research resulted in a targeted wood waste management strategy for the client including recycling and composting technology evaluations and recommendations on social enterprises for wood waste recycling. The report helped Metro Vancouver to identify a way forward for managing wood waste which is an increasing waste stream in its jurisdiction.

Photo: Wood waste management facility, British Colombia

Waste-to-Fertiliser Technology Transfer Evaluation, UK and USA

A technical evaluation of a waste to fertiliser facility, in terms of the likelihood of its successful transfer from a developed country to a developing economy country.

The work is part of the Climate Private Public Partnership (CP3). This is a UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiative which invests in companies that support low carbon and/ or climate resilient technologies.